About Us

We have invested in building a compounding supplier that can serve your needs – today, tomorrow and into the future.

About Us

Letco Medical, L.L.C., a 100% associate-owned, privately held company headquartered in Wayne, PA, is the supply partner of choice for profit-conscious compounding pharmacies everywhere. Letco Med has invested heavily in building a company that can serve the needs of compounding pharmacists today, tomorrow and into the future, with a full line of products and complementary programs and services.

Since its inception in 1993, Letco Med has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the compounding industry. Letco Med is focused on unwavering quality, exemplified by the company’s industry-leading quality assurance programs, stringent quality control procedures and an unmatched quality record with the FDA.

Leadership in a Changing Industry

The truth is, the relationship between compounding pharmacies and their suppliers hasn’t progressed much in the past 30 years. And it needs to.

For compounding pharmacies, market dynamics and regulatory pressure have become stifling. Increased regulation and oversight forces pharmacies to invest more in compliance – and that squeezes profitability.

As a compounding pharmacist today, you need more than just an affordable supplier. You need a partner to help navigate industry changes and identify investments that will best position you for long-term profitability.

That’s why Letco is approaching the market in a new and different way. We truly partner with you to understand your challenges and help you protect and grow your profits. It’s time for a change.

Let us help.

Committed to Compounding

Letco Medical enables pharmacies across the United States to take full advantage of compounding as a profit center.

At Letco, we understand the benefits that compounding pharmacies bring to their patients every day. We see a bright future for the industry, and we’re committed to helping it continue to grow.

Focused exclusively on the U.S. compounding market, we provide a portfolio of safe, consistent, high-quality chemicals, as well as compounding supplies and equipment at competitive prices.

Our Offering

At Letco, we take pride in delivering the products, services, and support needed to meet the challenges faced by compounding pharmacies today.

Letco’s product line includes chemicals covering a broad range of therapeutic categories, as well as supplies, equipment, capsules, pre-made topical bases, and oral delivery vehicles, distributed from our VAWD-accredited facility in Decatur, AL.

We also offer a comprehensive assortment of dosage forms and delivery systems, including inhalation, oral solids, controlled-release, injectables, topicals, transdermals, and liquids.

In addition to our vast product line, we provide a wide array of value-added solutions at no additional charge. These include Compounding Support Services, knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives who understand your needs, plus guaranteed two-day shipping.

You can also take advantage of more comprehensive offerings – at reduced rates exclusive to Letco customers – through innovative partnership programs unique to the compounding industry.

Let Us Help

With an unparalleled dedication to our customers, Letco is the right compounding supplier and service provider to help you realize profit opportunities for your pharmacy practice.