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Glass Amber Dropping Bottle with Stopper 50mL

Product Detail

Delivers solutions drop by drop. Complete with a glass stopper. A partial turn of the ground glass stopper seals the bottle.

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    • Manufactured from soda-lime glass that conforms to USP Type III requirements
    • Not autoclavable
    • Color             AMBER
    • Bottle / Vial Style     Dropping
    • Finish Type Stopper
    • Thread Finish             Stopper
    • Glass Type   Type III Soda-Lime
    • Bottle Color Amber
    • Cap/ Closure Size     Stopper
    • Bottle Style Dropping
    • Bottle Material          Glass
    • Capacity (mL or oz)  50mL or 2oz
    • Diameter (mm)         45
    • Height (mm)              95
    More Information
    NDC/Reference No. 00000-0000-00