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Exakt 50EC+ Ointment Mill

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For producing truly elegant preparations of creams, ointments or gels there is no tool more effective or more complete than an ointment mill. And now the EXAKT 50 EC+ delivers more control in making that elegant preparation. The process happening in those gaps is a function of the precise narrowness of the gaps and the speed at which the rollers turn against each other. The new 50EC+ with variable speed now increases that control. The benefits continue with an ointment mill that’s so easy to clean. Removing and replacing the rollers is a “snap.” With the 50EC+, you can remove its fully submersible solid rollers – take them to the sink, clean them thoroughly and then replace them. This cuts down on cleaning time and cross contamination between products. Most importantly, the alignment of the gaps is maintained.

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    Estriol USP Micronized

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    Estriol USP Micronized

    NDC/Reference No. 00000-0000-00
    • Product particle fineness less than 20 micron, depending on the product.
    • Output quantities from 0.02 to 7 liters per hour.
    • Space-saving desktop model.
    • Emergency-stop pushbutton
    • Scraper System made of plastic.
    • Roller material of chemically inert aluminum oxide (MH9).