Chances are, you’re paying too much for your compounding purchases.

Estimate Savings

Meet ValueVueTM

Unique to Letco, ValueVue gives compounding pharmacies incredible visibility into their purchasing effectiveness, giving them the data and confidence to make informed decisions that increase their profitability.

How Much Could I Save?

Compare Prices

The average compounding pharmacy has over 300 unique APIs, chemicals and supplies.  When you look at ValueVue for your pharmacy, you can see how the price you pay for each of your compounding chemicals and supplies compares to Letco’s price.  

Use with Ease

Getting ValueVue results takes about 10 minutes of your time.  Simply run a report out of industry-standard software, forward it to your sales associate as a spreadsheet, and you’re done.  Letco will then prepare a full report that outlines the opportunities for savings in your business.  We even have a basic savings estimator you can try out first.

See More Clearly

Stop pricing items one at a time – let us do the work for you.  ValueVue provides details on your entire portfolio and outlines your potential savings; both in the aggregate, and item-by-item.  When was the last time you saw all your purchased items, at once, with this much detail?

Save Money

We show you exactly how to take advantage of Letco’s competitive and transparent pricing, and outstanding product quality.  This information will also help you streamline your purchasing efforts, giving you more time to service your patients and grow your business.

Exclusive to Letco

ValueVue is a proprietary solution offered to qualified Letco customers.

ValueVue is a simple process:

What does ValueVue cost?

ValueVue is a proprietary solution provided free to qualified Letco customers.

How much could you potentially save?

How much you’re likely to save depends on your purchasing disciplines and the suppliers you currently use.  Those with low-to-moderate purchasing disciplines tend to save 15-30% on chemicals and supplies – with potentially greater savings if they’ve never - or rarely - worked with Letco.

I had no idea how much I was overpaying for my purchases until I saw the ValueVue results.
Customer feedback - after seeing their ValueVue report
Letco allowed me to realize annual savings of 27% on all of my compounding purchases by using ValueVue and switching suppliers.
Customer feedback - after seeing their ValueVue report
The $132,000 of projected annual savings identified by ValueVue will allow me to make necessary USP <800> investments without worrying about cash flows.
Customer feedback - after seeing their ValueVue report
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