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We partner with the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) to offer customers our Education Value Program (EVP) that provides the industry’s most cost-effective and high-quality education.

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Education Value Program

Save up to 75% on Continuing Education

Letco partners with the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) to provide the industry-leading Education Value Program (EVP). We are proud to offer EVP, which provides customers access to a first-class continuing education experience at up to a 75% discount.

Continuing education is compounding pharmacies’ secret weapon.  With access to real-world experience, valuable insights and the latest innovations through EVP, customers can continually discover new ways to run a profitable, safe pharmacy.

New for 2021

In addition to in-person, hands-on training, ACA offers online "home study" certificate programs. Qualified Letco customers can save 20% on home study coures covering basic compounding and calculations, sterile compounding, and bariatric needs. ACA members can combine their member discount for up to 38% savings on best-in-class online courses.

Savings off ACA course costs with EVP

EVP Tier

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Spend with Letco over 3 months




Savings per in-person course - $145 - $295 - $400
Savings per in-person course
for ACA members
- $345 - $495 - $600
Savings per online course 20% off 20% off 20% off

Benefits of Letco’s Education Value Program

  • Savings on Education:  Reduce your cost of continuing education and training by up to 75% (compared to equivalent industry offerings).
  • Expert Instruction:  ACA’s instructors are currently practicing, industry-leading experts who bring real-world experience and insights into the classroom.
  • Small Class Sizes:  It’s your education – make the most of it with personal attention from instructors.
  • Leading Curriculum:  Up-to-date content and techniques that reflect the latest developments in compounding.

How to Get Your EVP Discount

Take advantage of discounted EVP pricing with just a few steps:

  1. You’re automatically eligible when you purchase a minimum of $5,000 from Letco during three consecutive calendar months.
  2. You’ll receive discount codes automatically via email each month that you qualify. Discount codes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue, but you may be able to extend that time and/or increase your discount in future periods.
    If you haven't received a discount code but believe you have qualified, please contact your account manager or email
  3. Click on Register for Classes below to find classes and register for training. You can register for any class currently on ACA’s training calendar with your discount code, regardless of when the session is scheduled.
  4. To check your status, see the “Check Your Eligibility” section below.

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Enroll now for ACA classes at discounted rates, direct from Letco’s website.

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